Promo Box 145$ (160$ Value)

$145.00 $160.00

Chicken Breast ~300g OR Chicken legs (2) ~450g

Porc Fillet ~400g OR Pork Chops (2) ~600g 

Ground Beef ~400g 

Ground Porc ~450

Ground Veal~ 450g 

Bacon ~300g 

Smoked Meat ~300g 

One choice between 3 different tastes:

Sausage Italien Mild ~500g OR

Sausage Italien Hot ~500g OR

Sausage Porc and Fine Herbes ~500g 

Leg of Lamb ~1kg

Beef Tournedos wrapped in bacon x 2 (or other of the same value)

Pork Shoulder Roast  (Soc) - for pulled pork ~1kg


Weights may vary.

Prices may changes without notice.