Discover the many benefits of choosing local farms

Top Quality

• All natural meats
• Grass-fed beef
• Low in fat
• Hormone and antibiotic free
• Freshness preserved for up to one year

Perfect for...

• People looking to take care of their health.

• People looking for a protein-rich diet.

• People with allergies or food sensitivities.

Our Process

We treat our animals humanely. They are not stressed, which promotes taste and tenderness.

We always source our animals from the same farms, including beef from our own farms.

Cuts are aged 21 days, then, immediately vacuum sealed and frozen, maximizing freshness.

Freshest when Frozen

You know the product was immediately vacuum packed and frozen at it’s freshest. 

Vacuum packaging allows quick, convenient and safe thawing in water, often in less than an hour.

Thaw as you need it, and avoid last minute trips to the store and food spoilage.